Sep 2017

Miscellaneous Package Design

Cute Little Lenormand

This is a recreation of Sara M. Lyon's lenormand deck box, and also the first package design project that I've ever done.

Bloody Hell

This is a concept for a pack of heavy flow period liners created for a fiction brand, Bloody Hell. Ideally, the brand would include more feminine hygiene products with humorous descriptions.

Pat McGrath Labs

This is a redesign of packaging for Path McGrath Lab's Flesh 002 lip kit. The original packaging is similarly shaped, but is holographic and has a front window to showcase the sequins protecting the products. I redid the bags to look like secret samples stolen from a laboratory, as a play on the company name.

Milk Makeup

This is a resign of Milk Makeup's Sunshine Oil packaging, which currently comes in white cardboard tubes. The first version features a holographic swoop, matching the brand's trendy vibe. The second version is wrapped in a swatch of the product. Both boxes have a side window to showcase the product, as well.

Best Moonshine

This is a bottle concept for "Best Moonshine's Original Whiskey"

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