I'm Lorena, an illustrator, animator, dog mom and plant lover based in Houston, tx.

I'm a Houston-based artist, illustrator and animator. I graduated from the University of Houston where I earned a BS in Digital Media with a concentration in Motion Media (2017). My’s breadth of knowledge about print and packaging design inspired the expansion of animation to different mediums. My thesis “Animation & 3D Printing: Does It Improve the Process?” was published in the GCEA Visual Communications Journal in 2017, exploring the relationship between traditional methods of stop-motion animation and modern technology via 3D modeling and printing.

Much of my current work is influenced by makeup and fashion, as demonstrated by my virtual residency with Open MFA, a Houston based artist collective.  

Some of my other interests besides art include gardening, listening to true crime podcasts, visiting local art and science museums and taking her dog to the park.

Music Lover
Art Entusiast
Content Creator
Night Owl
Graphic Designer

Residencies & Exhibitions

Suspended, Supported
Box13 Art Space, 2023

Gathering What's Tangible
Flatland Gallery, 2022

Open MFA Pop-up Exhibition
Raven Tower, 2022

Open MFAH Virtual Residency
Open MFA Houston, 2019

Raw Houston, 2018

RedVid Fest
University of Houston, 2017


Check out Lorena Mitchell's Artwork
Voyage Houston, 2019

Stop Motion & Animation
GCEA Visual Communications Journal, 2017


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