May 2017

Aveeno Rebranding

This was done as the final project for a packaging design course in which we were split into teams and had to redesign to packaging for a real world company. I operated as team lead, and chose Aveeno as our company.

Aveeno was chosen because its current packaging is bland, and looks similar to that of all its competitors. With our redesign, we wanted to create packaging that would draw interest, and stand out on the shelves. We focused our efforts on revamping the classic product line and the baby product line. As part of our research, we also discovered that Aveeno had a failed men's line, so we relaunched a men's line as part of the redesign. Each line has two pattern variations.

Click here to see the full rebranding plan. You can also download the full pack of 3D PDFs by clicking the button below. Please open them on your machine as browsers won't support the 3D view.

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